Aqueous ‘Plus’ plans are underway

Photo caption: An exterior image of the Parkersburg Art Center in Parkersburg, W.Va.

Aqueous Plus for 2022 is under development and will take place at the Parkersburg Art Center in a May/June slot.

Though this event does not have specific dates yet, WVWS wanted to go ahead and inform members about as much as we can at this early date.

Exhibition Chairwoman Linda Elmer explains that the exhibit is being referred to as Aqueous Plus this year because there will be three shows taking place simultaneously, packaged as one mega-watercolor show.

The three shows are:

  1. Aqueous 2022, the National Juried Exhibition hosted by WVWS
  2. WVWS Signature Members Exhibition
  3. 20th Century Watercolor Exhibition, featuring watercolors from the private collection of Jose Rizo of Beaver, W.Va.
Aqueous 2022

Aqueous 2022 entries will be due at the earliest by March 31 or as late as April 10. Once dates are firmed up, members will be alerted about the show prospectus. The exhibit will follow normal guidelines as per framing, deadlines, entry submissions and originality. Money awards will be given…a total of $2,300 across eight awards. Also, very little change on the criteria for this show. The Juror for this show will be Laurie Goldstein-Warren, AWS.

WVWS Signature Members Exhibition

The WVWS Signature Members Exhibition offers WVWS Signature members the opportunity to exhibit up to two pieces per Signature member and there will be no restrictions concerning age of the painting and where it was exhibited previously (so yes, it could have been in one of our previous shows…even award-winning paintings… show your best work!). WVWS will offer a People’s Choice award for this show only. There will be a separate prospectus for this show, which will not be juried (but only WVWS Signature members are eligible to participate).

20th Century Watercolor Exhibition

The Jose Rizo Watercolor Collection of 20th Century Art came about after Linda Elmer met art collector Jose Rizo, of Beaver, W.Va., at the 2021 WVWS All-Member exhibition in Fayetteville.

Many of the pieces in Rizo’s collection might be best understood by reading about contemporary art movements of that earlier time, including the Ashcan School movement. These were works created by a loosely defined group of painters who worked in the late 19th and early 20th century, who created representational works that often focused on a type of documentary realism that sought to create “art for life’s sake” (a credo often expressed by painter Robert Henri). Ashcan School artists worked in a wide range of media, including watercolors.

Rizo has hundreds of paintings in his art collection, and this exhibition will feature some of his collection’s watercolors. Check out @ashcan_daily or @rizocollectables on Instagram to see more about this collection.

Please continue to watch the WVWS website for additional updates on this exciting trio of exhibitions.

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