2022 Juried, Signature Status Application Available

West Virginia Watercolor Society Associate and Juried members are invited to apply for either Juried or Signature status in the society this summer.

This application process is an annual event where members provide a portfolio of recent, representative watercolors for review by a committee made up of current WVWS Signature members. There are two stages to the process, the first being when associate members (all members are associate members when they join WVWS) apply to become Juried members. The second stage is when Juried members can apply to become Signature members. More details about the classifications of WVWS membership can be found on the WVWS Membership page (scroll down to the bottom of the Membership page for the descriptions).

The portfolio review is a double-blind review process (the committee does not know the name of the applicant, and the applicant does not know who is serving on the review committee). The point of contact between an applicant and the committee is the jury chairperson, and for the current two-year term (2021-2022) Debbie Lester is serving in this important role.

Debbie has finalized her application form and announced the calendar for this year’s Jury review.


July 15, 2022 – Deadline for application. Images and forms must be sent to Debbie Lester by this date.

Approximately Sept. 1, 2022 – Applicant is notified of results; president, membership chair, webmaster and newsletter editor are notified of results and an announcement is posted on the website and in the newsletter.

General Guidelines:
  • Paintings must be created by using a water-based media in an aqueous manner on paper or board.
  • Work created in a workshop or classroom or with direction from any instructor is not allowed.
  • All pieces submitted to the jury committee must be the artist’s own original creation.
  • Paintings created from photo images must be of the artist’s original sources (photos taken by and property of the entering artist). Sources must not be from copyrighted materials including internet sources or appropriated/copied from other art.
  • In mixed media pieces, water media must be dominant.
General Digital Specifications:
  • Submit images in jpg format by email to Debbie Lester at deborahdlester@gmail.com.
  • Digital images should be no larger than 3 MB each. If they are larger, they may not be able to go through as an email attachment. You should also send each image as a separate attachment (one image per email) to improve the likelihood the emails will go through. This means you will send multiple emails to complete your application.
  • File names of digital images should be formatted as PaintingTitle_heightXwidth (example SunnyDay_15x22).
  • Complete and email (or mail) the Application Form and the appropriate image list (whether for Juried or Signature Status). Be sure the image file names match the names on the image list before you begin sending emails. If you cannot send images by email, you may mail Debbie a CD of images, along with the paper forms.
  • Digital images should be an accurate depiction and not enhanced.
  • All image areas should be devoid of dead space, frames or mats. Cropping digital image to the edge of the painting is the best presentation.
Specific Instructions for Juried and Signature Status Applicants:

There are different requirements for the two levels of application. Be sure to read the instructions on the application form carefully. If you have questions, contact Debbie Lester for assistance regarding expectations and requirements, which are defined in the bylaws of WVWS.

Please find the instructions and application form in the button link below.