About the Artist

"I was born and reared in Balboa, Canal Zone, in the Republic of Panama, but Valley Head, W.Va., is our home of choice for retirement. My husband, Don Morfitt, and I live on 40 acres in the gorgeous mountains of West Virginia two miles south of Valley Head where we and own and operate “Hello House B&B”.

"My husband, Don, makes custom frames. My watercolor paintings are displayed and sold at the B&B, the Mike Sewock Salon in Clarksburg and at Artists at Work on Davis Street in Elkins.

"Retirement from years of school nursing overseas offers me a great opportunity to be involved with all aspects of painting. My favorite things about watercolors are the way colors can run together to produce original unnamed colors. A zillion colors waitingfor a name! They erase easily with water (if you don’t wait too long). They can stand a hot shower if you need to start over. And they sparkle plenty. In a room of paintings they hold their own. Like a breath of fresh air they entice the viewer."

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Valley Head, WV