About the Artist

"I like to create original art through portraits and character studies that depict humorous, lighthearted, and unexpected situations in life. 

"One of my most popular paintings is titled "Why NOT?", a painting of a lady of advanced chronology contemplating the purchase of a fancy pair of red shoes. "Why NOT?" she asks, imagining the excitement her new purchase might bring to an ordinary life. I try to bring to my artwork feelings of whimsey and good natured fun, reminding the viewer that our attitudes toward things we cannot control very often determine our accomplishments in life.

"Many of my drawings and paintings are inspired by real people I've met who have a passion for living and pave the roads of their lives with good deeds and happy thoughts.

"These people are often volunteers, who put the needs of others before their own, creating a positive environment wherever they are. It is my intention for viewers to be inspired by these folks to live their own lives with a positive purpose, affecting others along the way."

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Bridgeport, WV