About the Artist

My appreciation for watercolor painting began in 1985 at the age of forty. Almost entirely self-taught, I had one class in watercolor while an art major at Concord College. I finished the class with the only “C” I ever made in a studio painting or drawing class, and that “C” was truly a gift.

While pencil drawing has been a favorite medium for most of my life, I have developed a love for watercolor painting that has so far lasted more than twenty-five years. Although I occasionally do portraits, my subjects are landscapes and old buildings, especially those of aged wood and stone. Fishing boats and coastal scenes are a favorite subject, but most of all I like to paint scenes from around southern West Virginia.

On March 11, 2008, I suffered a stroke which completely paralyzed my right side; very unfortunate for a right-handed artist. By the grace of God and much physical therapy, I completed a painting almost exactly one year later.

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Princeton, WV