WVWS invited to exhibit at WVU


An exhibit of art, groundwork & scholarship exploring the criticality, power & play of life’s critical resource

July 15, 2018-June 30, 2019
WVU’s Downtown Library, in open area/main entrance on first floor

(It is also possible that the exhibition will be duplicated and put on display at the Evansdale Library.)


The West Virginia Watercolor Society has been invited to participate in a collaborative, multimedia exhibition, hosted by WVU Libraries, that explores the concept of WATER. Twenty-five (25) framed pieces will be hung as part of the display.

This collaborative, multimedia exhibit seeks to examine the power, control, scarcity, abundance, play and impact of life’s critical resource, water, in its various forms, from floods, drought and contamination, to its giving of life, beauty and adventurous play, through interactive, creative visual displays of scholarship and art. This exhibit will tie together the various aspects of water to encourage a conscientious understanding of its support of industry and significance on all aspects of life.

WVWS members are asked to submit images that may illustrate, illuminate or add visual context for scholars’ work. See the list of general topics at the end of this article for more information.

The exhibition will be on display for nearly a year, July 15, 2018-June 30, 2019. During the exhibition period, public programs, presentations, forums, etc., will complement the exhibition.

Due to the public nature of the exhibition space, and the length of the display, we are asking that artists submit high-resolution images of paintings, which WVU will print, mount and frame for the exhibition.

There is no charge for submitting work for this exhibition.

Because of the design parameters of the exhibition, we are asking for works at a specific size: 11×14 or 16×20. The orientation of the images may be horizontal or vertical. Images may be enlarged, reduced, or cropped, preferably by the artist, to conform to the size specifications. Sizes (in pixels) for the images are:

  • Vertical orientation: 11×14 (3300 x 4200 pixels) and 16×20 (4800 x 6000 pixels).
  • Horizontal presentation: 14×11 (4200 x 3300 pixels and 20×16 (6000 x 4800 pixels).

Artwork may be representational or abstract.

There are no requirements regarding the age of the original work. If you believe that an older painting would fit in this exhibition, please submit it. Works must have been created using a water-based media in an aqueous manner.

Final decisions regarding the inclusion of painting images in the exhibition will be made by WVU Libraries Exhibition Coordinator, Sally Deskins.

Due to the size of the image files required, WVWS is exploring the possibility of holding a session where artists can bring their paintings to be photographed. If interested in such a session, please let Kristen Colebank or Linda Elmer know so we can gauge interest.

Deadline for submitting digital images is April 14, 2018.

The following is a list of general topics that have been proposed for inclusion, but any conceptual and representational art that you think will represent WATER is welcome:

  • Wetlands-based communities in Delta, Africa
  • Conceptual Wetscapes
  • Quintessential Appalachian Freshwater Species’ – Specific illustrations of specific freshwater species requested. Some source images provided. Contact Kristen Colebank for details.
  • West Virginia wetlands
  • Physical hydrological research in West Virginia
  • Pollution and Water Quality in rivers – would like really like to include images of the Monongahela River representing perceptions of the river for recreation and drinking water use.
  • 2016 flooding in West Virginia
  • Fertility and water
  • Four seasons of West Virginia outdoor water recreation
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Women and Water
  • Stream headwaters and fish species

Some detailed information regarding the planned scholarship is available for review. Artists are encouraged to learn more about his/her potential topics of interest. Please let Kristen Colebank know what topic(s) interest you, and she will forward the scholarship (if available) to you. Reach her at kcolebank@waitesrunstudios.com