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Signature member Watson publishes book

A Review of ‘Tangled Shakespeare’

By Mary Kay B.B. Watson, WVWS Signature and Lifetime Member

Review written by Jane C. Michael

What a pleasure to behold the artistry and clever application of Zentangles to caricatures of the Shakespearean comedy, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Coupled with the author’s mastery of watercolor, the main figures are brought to life with the most engaging patterns common to Zentanglers everywhere. On each page, every square centimeter of paper was filled with intricate and strikingly beautiful designs that perfectly matched and enhanced the characters and their backgrounds. Lords and ladies, faeries and sprites, kings and queens, were drawn in exquisite detail, clothed in Zentangle-patterned garments worthy of the best costumers of the day.

Trees, shrubbery, skies and water were likewise created with patterns that are at once eye-catching without distracting from the scene. Ms. Watson summarizes the play’s action and intersperses those summaries with drawings that illustrate and entertain the reader. The drawings demonstrate the author’s use of negative painting in her watercolors. She excels in this technique, and as a Certified Zentangle Teacher, she has extensive experience in using and teaching Zentangles combined with watercolors.

Mary Kay B.B. Watson, author of Tangled Shakespeare.
Mary Kay B.B. Watson, WVWS Signature and Lifetime member and author and illustrator of Tangled Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I first saw Mary Kay’s Shakespearean characters created with Zentangles about 8 years ago, when they were presented on large playing cards. And three years ago, I took two of her classes on Zentangles, so I am an aficionado of the technique. As a lover of Shakespeare, Mary Kay has successfully combined her love of art with her love of literature, and the result is this 77-page treat for the eyes. The book is available at Barnes & Noble bookstores, as well as at Amazon.

For more on Mary Kay Watson and her characters, visit her new website at

For many of you, the author’s face will be familiar, and you will see a new dimension of this West Virginia native and fellow watercolorist. Her second book is in the works. It’s called Tangled Shakespeare: Richard III, and should be out in late spring of next year. 

Book Jacket for Tangled Shakespeare.
The book jacket for Mary Kay B.B. Watson’s new book.