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All-Member Exhibition 2022

Awards for the 2022 WVWS All-Member Exhibition were announced at the show’s opening reception on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2023, at the The Arts Center. The exhibition opened Dec. 10, 2022, and closed on Jan. 18, 2023.


The gallery is located at 2 Park St. in Elkins, in what formerly had been a Catholic church, and the Great Hall is the main exhibition space in the facility.


Judge for the exhibition was Christine Rhodes, NWS, who chose “Daybreak,” by Kristen Colebank of Wardensville, for the the Best of Show award.


This year’s All-Member exhibition featured 41 watercolors, created by 17 WVWS member artists.

All-Member 2022 Award Winners

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Judge's Comments

“My sincere thanks to WVWS for allowing me the privilege of judging for awards in this All-Member Exhibition. I’m always proud of our members’ talent, imagination, and creativity.

“Some thoughts about the award winners and notable others follow:


“Daybreak,” by Kristen Colebank is a masterful painting of a peaceful place that beckons the viewer to come closer, into the light. Every brushstroke seems to have been applied with complete confidence and then left undisturbed; Debbie Sisson’s “Delicate Flora” is realistic yet painterly, with lush and varied foliage that perfectly complements the fragile blossoms; Karen Ensor Brown’s “All Aboard” shows what richness can be achieved with watercolor. Interesting textures abound in this skillfully executed piece; Carolyn Light’s “Rail Trail Gem” is a fine example of luminosity, contrast and range of value.; Dennis Clark’s lively brushwork in Busy Dock is infused with sheer joy. And Martha Reynolds combines realism with abstraction in her “Splendor in the Grass.”

“In other works, we are reminded that inspiration can be found in something as mundane as dollar store shopping, that we are surrounded by natural beauty in our home state and the world beyond, that a few well-planned brushstrokes can create magic, and that there are as many ways to use water media as there are artists. So, thanks to everyone who entered the show - please keep painting!”

Christine Rhodes, December 2022

All-Member 2022 Online Exhibition

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Scenes from All-Member 2022 Reception

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