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Aqueous Exhibitors Archive

WVWS maintains a list of all the exhibitors who have had work accepted in its juried exhibitions, known as Aqueous, for more than a decade.


To see details about an exhibition, including the names of accepted artists, the titles of their works, and the show dates and juror names, click on the text links below to see each year's list.












Aqueous 2023 National Juried Exhibition

Nancy Stark, AWS, NWS Juror
May 15 to June
29, 2023
Chuck Mathena Center, Princeton, W.Va.
  • Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg, “Evening Glory”

  • Karen Brown, Buckhannon, “Blue Eyes”

  • William Campbell, Midlothian, VA, “Sundancer”

  • Marshall Carolus, Alexandria, VA, “Straight from the Market”

  • Charlotte Chan, Blacksburg, VA, “Rock Wall”

  • Sheila Chapman, Princeton, “Smiley the Crab”

  • F Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg, “Oysters”

  • John Coffey, Princeton, “Window”

  • Kristen Colebank, Wardensville, “Red, White and Farm Use Blue”

  • Katherine Crim, Clarksburg, “Island Layover”

  • Linda Elmer, Fairmont, “Middle Fork, Audra”

  • Deanna Gillum, Buckhannon, “Morning Light”

  • Barbara Hale, Princeton, “Haitian Dancers”

  • Carol Hilleary, Cross Lanes, “Sails Down”

  • Kat Jamieson, Arlington, VA, “Cape Inlet”

  • Gayle Jennings, Camp Creek, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”

  • Gina Judy, Richmond, OH, “Where I Grew Up in Steubenville”

  • Pamela Lake, Hacker Valley, “Brothers in the Hayfield”

  • Ruth Lefko, Christiansburg, VA, “New Life and Light”

  • Deborah Lester, Shady Spring, “Charlotte's Bunny”

  • Nancy Maunz, Clarksburg, “Afternoon Conversation”

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown, "The Gauchos"

  • Rita Montrosse, Princeton, “Crystal Bowl and Quince”

  • Martha Reynolds, West Union, “Color me Coleus”

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg, “Mama's Favorite”

  • Linda Walker Roberts, Beverly, “Hanging On”

  • Christie Saunders, Barboursville, “Finding Tranquility”

  • Patricia Sheets, Johnson City, TN, “Two Moose”

  • Patricia Stine, Renick, “Biological Mutualism”

  • Jan van Egmond, Charleston, “Super Cute”

  • Michele Walter, Blacksburg, VA, “While in Provence”

Aqueous 2022 National Juried Exhibition

Laurie Goldstein-Warren, AWS, Juror
May 8 to June
4, 2022
Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg
  • Bess Alexander, Westerville, Ohio, “Florida Foliage”

  • Bess Alexander, Westerville, Ohio, “Jen's Choice”

  • Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg, "See the Light, Be the Light"

  • Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg, “It's a New Day”

  • Karen Ensor Brown, Buckhannon, “Food Chain”

  • William Campbell, Midlothian, Va., “Mattaponi”

  • William Campbell, Midlothian, Va., “School Days”

  • Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg, “Hillside”

  • Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg, “I Was Here”

  • John Coffey, Princeton, “Tool House Door”

  • Kristen Colebank, Wardensville, “Waiting”

  • Katherine Crim, Clarksburg, "Scenic Route, Babcock"

  • Dierdre Duncan, Rivesville, “Stone Spirit”

  • Linda Elmer, Fairmont, “Spanish Rooftops”

  • Linda Elmer, Fairmont, “Williams River II”

  • George Gow, Louisville, Ky., “Balancing Degrees of Abstraction”

  • Janet Hart, Wheeling, “Crafty Bird”

  • Janet Hart, Wheeling, “Kitchen Chicken”

  • Rick Kowalewski, Silver Spring, Md., “At Dusk Gathers the Last Light”

  • Greg Kullman, Morgantown, “River of Coal”

  • Pamela Lake, Hacker Valley, “Sew Fun”

  • Deborah Lester, Shady Spring, “Waterfalls”

  • Jamie Lester, Morgantown, “Cheat River Haze”

  • Jamie Lester, Morgantown, “Pools of the Big Sandy”

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown, “Undersea View”

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown, “Spring Thaw”

  • Nancy Maunz, Clarksburg, “Approaching Rain”

  • Rita Montrosse, Princeton, “Among the Rubble”

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, Maine, “Mineral County Sheep Farm”

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, Maine, “Days End”

  • Donna Perkins, Pasadena, Md., “You Gotta Wash Radishes”

  • Julie Read, Winchester, Va., “King of the Road”

  • Julie Read, Winchester, Va., “Looking Up”

  • Judy Reed, Shinnston, “The Survivor”

  • Judy Reed, Shinnston, “A Past Glory”

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg, “Stay the Course”

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg, “River of Dreams”

  • Howard Rogers, St. Albans, “Beautiful Bird”

  • Jeannine Romano, Bridgeport, “Social Distance”

  • Kathleen Snoderly, Morgantown, “Reflections”

  • Patricia Stine, Renick, “Glenn's Cream Puffs”

  • Lavonne Suwalski, Westerville, OH, “Village Road”

  • Jan van Egmond, Charleston, Girl with the Red Bow”

  • Jan van Egmond, Charleston, “Girl with the Blue Hat”

  • Rema White, Jane Lew, “Sunrise”

  • Becky Williams, Buckhannon, “Seth's Eternal Spirit”

  • Becky Williams, Buckhannon, “Bedford Afternoon”

Aqueous 2021 National Juried Exhibition

Bill Vrscak, AWS, Juror
July 15, 2021 - Sept. 4, 2021
Stifel Fine Arts Center, Wheeling

  • Donna Barlup, Mechanicsburg, PA - Taking a Break

  • Donna Barlup, Mechanicsburg, PA - An Aperitif with a Friend

  • Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg - When the Day Comes

  • Karen Brown, Buckhannon - Lunch

  • Karen Brown, Buckhannon - Who? What? Where?

  • Marshall Carolus, Alexandria, VA - Concentration

  • Karen Catlett, Glen Dale - Memories in Watercolor

  • Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg - Middle Ground

  • Connie Clutter, Washington, PA - Solitude

  • John Coffey, Princeton - Late December

  • Karen Cohen, Frankford - Old Friends

  • Katherine Crim, Clarksburg - Summer Solace

  • Linda Elmer, Fairmont - Valley Falls Through the Trees

  • Deanna Gillum, Buckhannon - Night Crop

  • George Gow, Richmond, KY - A Bird's Concept of the Landscape

  • Nishita Jain, Columbia, MD - Welcoming Winter

  • Nishita Jain, Columbia, MD - Winter Blues

  • Ardythe Jolliff, Edgewater, MD - Sea Sculptures in Glass

  • Gina Judy, Richmond, OH - Maggie and Max Making Tracks

  • Nancy Kautz, Harpers Ferry - Aspen's Embrace

  • William Koch, Dennison, OH - A Mid-Night's Stroll

  • Rick Kowalewski, Silver Spring - MD, Mystic Draw

  • Chris Krupinski, Maineville - OH, Blue and Gold

  • Chris Krupinski, Maineville - OH, November - Early Evening

  • Brooklyn Lilly, Princeton - A Long Day's Work

  • Anni Matsick, Boalsburg, PA - Welcome In

  • Anni Matsick, Boalsburg, PA - Out There

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown - The Factory Worker - Morning Break

  • Karen Norman, Silver Spring, MD - Pointers

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, ME - Moonlit Lake

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, ME - Frosty Morning

  • Sue Pitsch, Stephens City, VA - Golden Morning

  • Lisa Rasmussen, Pittsburgh, PA - Singin' the Blues

  • Julie Read, Winchester, VA - A Jumble of Destruction

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg - Earth Mother

  • Janet Rodriguez, Wheeling - Sunflowers III

  • Renee Rotundo, Maineville, OH - Card Night

  • Kathleen Snoderly, Morgantown - Pensive in Muskoka

  • Patricia Stine, Renick - Fiddlin'

  • Patricia Stine, Renick - Gotcha

  • Jyotsna Umesh, Chantilly, VA - The Peaceful Mountains

  • Jan van Egmond, Charleston - Sloan

  • Becky Williams, Buckhannon - A Mother's Love

  • Voon Wong, Sioux Falls, SD - The Storekeepers

Aqueous 2020 National Juried Exhibition

Brienne M. Brown, NWS, Juror
July 15, 2020 - Aug. 31, 2020
Online Exhibition

  • Ronda Albright, Martinsburg, "Alpine Village in Winter”

  • Ronda Albright, Martinsburg, "Summer at the Lake”

  • Ina Armstrong, St. Albans, "Trumpet Blooms"

  • Brenda Beatty, St. Albans, "Fostora Roses"

  • Mary Alice Bowers, Martinsburg, "Flowers Unlimited"

  • Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg, "Air and Water"

  • William Campbell, Midlothian, Va., "Native Son"

  • Karen Catlett, Wheeling, "Old Farm"

  • F. Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg, "Adagio"

  • F. Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg, "Foot Prints"

  • John Coffey, Princeton, "No Longer in Use"

  • John Coffey, Princeton, "Rain on the North Sea"

  • Katherine Crim, Clarksburg, "Elekala Falls"

  • Katherine Crim, Clarksburg, "A River Runs Through It"

  • Deirdre Duncan, Rivesville, "Faith"

  • Linda Elmer, Fairmont, "Spruce, Lakeside"

  • Katelyn Gatian, Jane Lew, "Innocent Curiosity"

  • Claudia Giannini, Shepherdstown, "Archeopteryx"

  • George Gow, Richmond, KY, "Portrait of a Landscape Artist"

  • Barbara Hale, Princeton, "Walking in the Rain"

  • Janet Hart, Wheeling, "Tulip Sway"

  • Carol Hubbard, Newton, Conn., "Moonlife"

  • Ardythe Jolliff, Edgewater, Md., "Collection Reflections"

  • Gina Judy, Richmond, Ohio, "Blue-eyed Ballerina Backstage in Spanish Dress"

  • Rick Kowalewski, Silver Springs, Md., "Anacostia Gold"

  • Rick Kowalewski, Silver Springs, Md., "Winter Leaves"

  • Debbie Lester, Daniels, "Traveling WV"

  • Jamie Lester, Morgantown, "Winter Reflections"

  • Jamie Lester, Morgantown, "Algae Pond"

  • Dongfeng Li, Morehead, Ky., "A Touch of Mist on the Tibetan Plateau"

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown, "Giraffes at the Wilds"

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown, "The Mime"

  • Rita Montrosse, Princeton, "Earth Bound"

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, Maine, "The Artist at Rest"

  • Sue Pitsch, Stephens City, Va., "Jordan Pond"

  • Julie Read, Winchester, Va., "Tied Up in Knots"

  • Judy Reed, Salem, "Good Memories"

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg, "Fishing Expedition"

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg, "Best Laid Plans"

  • Jeannine Romano, Bridgeport, "Turn a Frown Upside Down"

  • Jeannine Romano, Bridgeport, "Old Friends in Hard Times Are a Comfort"

  • Patricia Stine, Renick, "Summer Pasture"

  • Patricia Stine, Renick, "Waiting Game"

  • Kay Sullivan, Tucson, Ariz., "Sunlight in Her Eyes"

  • Kay Sullivan, Tucson, Ariz., "Man in Beatty Saloon"

  • Jeannine Swartz, Mechanicsburg, Pa., "Blue Iris"

  • Jeannine Swartz, Mechanicsburg, Pa., “Daisies in Blue Mason Jar"

  • Jan van Egmond, Charleston, “Looking for a Spot“

  • Jan van Egmond, Charleston, “Fort Lauderdale Street“

  • Rema White, Jane Lew, “Building on Sand“

  • Monica Wilkins, Shepherdstown, "Rockfish Gap, Virginia"

Aqueous 2019 National Juried Exhibition

Cody Heichel, NWS, Juror
May 15, 2019 - June 14, 2019
Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg, W.Va.

  • Ronda Albright, “Dancing Leaves,” Martinsburg

  • Brianna Allen, “The Trout Wrangler, Huntington

  • Donna Ashbaugh, “A Spring Day,” Harpers Ferry

  • Brenda Beatty, “Springtime II,” St. Albans

  • Louise Braddock, “Coming Home,” West Union

  • Jeanne Brenneman, “Ascension of Light,” Lewisburg

  • Karen Brown, “Unbreakable Bond,” Buckhannon

  • Karen Brown, “Sun and Sand,” Buckhannon

  • F. Dennis Clarke, “Lobster,” Martinsburg

  • F. Dennis Clarke, “Quiet Harbor,” Martinsburg

  • Kristen Colebank, “Ascend (Again),” Wardensville

  • Joe Ann Crawford, “A Kiss,” Tornado

  • Katherine Crim, “Rusty & Regal,” Clarksburg

  • Darryl Dean, “Distant Lighthouse on Rocky Coast,” St. Albans

  • Darryl Dean, “Waves on Rocky Coast,” St. Albans

  • Linda Elmer, “So Many Things,” Fairmont

  • Linda Elmer, “Horseshoe Run: Downstream,” Fairmont

  • Jim Gerkin, “Barn and Corn Rows,” Lancaster, Ohio

  • Jim Gerkin, “It’s Snowing,” Lancaster, Ohio

  • Deanna Gillum, “Through the Window,” Buckhannon

  • Deanna Gillum, “Almost Blue,” Buckhannon

  • Mary Grassell, “In the Protection of the Duomo,” Hurricane

  • Mary Grassell, “St. Francis Watches,” Hurricane

  • Barbara Hale, “Amish House,” Princeton

  • Janet Hart, “Rock Pond,” Wheeling

  • Ardythe Jolliff, “The Soloist,” Edgewater, Md.

  • Gina Judy, “Iguana on the Move in St. Croix,” Richmond, Ohio

  • Gina Judy, “Kim Cradling Cousin Colt,” Richmond, Ohio

  • Sidra Kaluszka, “The Three Fates,” Radford, Va.

  • Nancy Kautz, “Southern Charm,” Harpers Ferry

  • Nancy Kautz, “Big Sky Peony,” Harpers Ferry

  • Debbie Lester, “Springtime in West Virginia,” Shady Spring

  • Jamie Lester, “Oban Evening,” Morgantown

  • Dongfeng Li, “Years of Vicissitudes,” Morehead, Ky.

  • Brooklynn Lilly, “Rusted Memories,” Athens

  • Jane Michael, “Streets of Stavanger,” Morgantown

  • Rita Montrosse, “The Color of Coal,” Princeton

  • Rita Montrosse, “The Faces of Rubric,” Princeton

  • Joye Moon, “China Texting,” Oshkosh, Wis.

  • Betty Neely, “Divine Influence,” Fairmont

  • Elaine Nunnally, “Between the Turquoise,” Leesburg, Va.

  • Elaine Nunnally, “Driving into the Orange,” Leesburg, Va.

  • Sandra Pealer, “Rainwalk,” South Paris, Maine

  • Pamela Price, “Two Peas in a Pod,” Monroeville, Pa.

  • Pamela Price, “Mardi Gras,” Monroeville, Pa.

  • Julie Read, “Hot Hibiscus,” Winchester, Va.

  • Julie Read, “Chillin’ Out,” Winchester, Va.

  • Judy Reed, “On to Stockholm,” Salem

  • Martha Reynolds, “9-11 Rising from Chaos,” West Union

  • Martha Reynolds, “No Concrete Jungle Here,” West Union

  • Christine Rhodes, “Seven Sisters,” Parkersburg

  • Christine Rhodes, “Plaza Blanca,” Parkersburg

  • Howard Rogers, “Country View,” St. Albans

  • Janet Sheehan, “Outerbanks Mustangs,” Wheeling

  • Patricia Stine, “The Far Side,” Renick

  • Patricia Stine, “West Virginia Guard Rail,” Renick

  • Dorothy Sutton, “Owls About My Owlse,” Arbovale

  • Dorothy Sutton, “Praying for my Next Meal,” Arbovale

  • Monica Wilkins, “Forest Bathing,” Shepherdstown

Aqueous 2018 National Juried Exhibition

Ron Thurston, AWS, Juror
May 19, 2018 - July 7, 2018
Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg, W.Va.

  • Ronda Albright, Martinsburg, “Strong Roots”

  • Brenda Beatty, St. Albans, “Dazzling Daffodils”

  • Matthew Bird, Sykesville, Md., “In the Wings”

  • Louise Braddock, West Union, “Caught”

  • Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg, “Heirloom II”

  • Karen Brown, Buckhannon, “Strawberry Beauty”

  • JoAnn Byron, Beckley, “Emergence of Color”

  • William Campbell, Midlothian, Va., “Dreamer”

  • F. Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg, “Passing in the Night”

  • Connie Clutter, Washington, Pa., “Awestruck”

  • Joe Ann Crawford, Tornado, “Rascal”

  • Katherine Crim, Clarksburg, “Eddie”

  • Anne Cyr, Rehoboth, Del., “Crab Boats All in a Row”

  • Ginger Danz, Fayetteville, “Vintage”

  • Linda Elmer, Fairmont, “Babcock: Road to the Cabins”

  • Janet Hart, Wheeling, “Gander in the Bulrushes”

  • Carol Hilleary, Cross Lanes, “Old Blue Truck”

  • Michael Jacques, Blawnox, Pa., “Gliding Past the Wreckage 1”

  • Gina Judy, Richmond, Ohio, “The 'Sitter”

  • Sidra Kaluszka, Radford, Va., “Emerging from the Darkness”

  • Myung Lee-Ryou, Morgantown, “Autumn Scene”

  • James Lefebvre, Eaton, Ohio, “Downtown”

  • Deborah Lester, Shady Spring, “Bourbon Street”

  • Brooklynn Lilly, Athens, “Rainbow Waters”

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown, “Bird Lady of Cologne”

  • Rita Montrosse, Princeton, “Mosaic Blast”

  • Betty Neely, Fairmont, “Terra Incognita”

  • Susan Pauley, St. Albans, “Thoughtful”

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, Maine, "Teamwork"

  • Donna Perkins, Pasadena, Md., “Raisin's Imaginations”

  • Pamela Price, Monroeville, Pa., “At the Louvre”

  • Julie Read, Winchester, Va., “Adobe”

  • Martha Reynolds, West Union, “Family Fun”

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg, “October-Mountwood Park”

  • Jeannine Romano, Bridgeport, “3 Sisters”

  • Janet Sheehan, Wheeling, “In for a Landing”

  • Jeannine Swartz, Mechanicsburg, Pa., “Daddy”

  • Jan vanEgmond, Charleston, “Kanawha City Dawn”

  • Monica Wilkins, Shepherdstown, “Monhegan Climate Patrol”

Aqueous 2017 National Juried Exhibition

Chris Krupinski, AWS, NWS, Juror
May 2, 2017 - July 13, 2017
Chuck Mathena Center, Princeton, W.Va.

  • Ronda Albright, “Peonies,” Martinsburg

  • Donna Ashbaugh, “Reaching,” Harpers Ferry

  • Donna Ashbaugh, “My Home Town,” Harpers Ferry

  • Brenda Beatty, “Saint Andrews Feast,” St. Albans

  • Matthew Bird, “For You,” Sykesville, Md.

  • Louise Braddock, “Best Seat in the House,” West Union

  • Jeanne Brenneman, “Spring Runoff,” Lewisburg

  • Jeanne Brenneman, “Sky Over Platte River,” Lewisburg

  • JoAnne Byron, “Now You See It…,” Beckley

  • Dennis Clarke, “Crabs 2,” Martinsburg

  • Dennis Clarke, “Blue Washday,” Martinsburg

  • John Coffey, “Beans, Leaves, etc.,” Princeton

  • Barbara Daniel, “Two's Company! Three's a Crowd!” Beckley

  • Linda Elmer, “Valley Falls #3,” Fairmont

  • Barbara Hale, “To the Beach,” Princeton

  • Janet Hart, “Wind Energy,” Wheeling

  • JoAnne Jacobs, “Pear Patterns,” Charleston

  • JoAnne, Jacobs, “A Different Breed of Cat,” Charleston

  • Stella Jarrett, “Wildflower Farm,” Charleston

  • Gayle Jennings, “Hunter's Dream,” Camp Creek

  • Sharon Johnson, “Lavender Iris,” Rainelle

  • Susan Johnston, “Mill Run Moment,” Friendsville, Md.

  • Gina Judy, “Sunlit Exposure from the Sure Line,” Richmond, Ohio

  • Sidra Kaluszka, “Summer's Reflection,” Christiansburg, Va,

  • Nancy Kautz, “Window in Time,” Harpers Ferry

  • Myung Lee, “Water Lilies,” Morgantown

  • Deborah Lester, “Sunrise II,” Shady Spring

  • Gina Lijoi, “Bookworms,” Reno, Nev.

  • Gina Lijoi, “Treckee Treasure Hunting,” Reno, Nev.

  • Marietta Lyall, “The Heart of a Lion,” Lewisburg

  • Diane Mitchell, “I Got Here First,” Clintonville

  • Rita Montrosse, “Caida Forum,” Princeton

  • Susan Pauley, Carefree, St. Albans

  • Sandra Pealer, “All Together Now,” South Paris, Maine

  • Sandra Pealer, “Preparation,” South Paris, Maine

  • Julie Read, “Texas Graffiti,” Winchester, Va.

  • Julie Read, Field Soldier, Winchester, Va.

  • Judy Reed, “The Ladies of the Field,” Salem

  • Martha Reynolds, “October Leaves,” West Union

  • Martha Reynolds, “Windswept,” West Union

  • Christine Rhodes, “Tribute to the Stonecutter,” Parkersburg

  • Janet Rodriguez, “Color Burst,” Wheeling

  • Patrick Varriano, “Wood County,” Pittsburgh, Pa.

  • Patrick Varriano, “Oil City RR Bridge,” Pittsburgh, Pa.

  • Monica Wilkins, “Garden Peapods,” Shepherdstown

  • Robert Wilson, “Darold,” St. Albans

Aqueous 2016 National Juried Exhibition

Pat Cook, AWS, NWS, Juror
May 18, 2016 – June 18, 2016
Cynthia Bickey Gallery at Beckley Arts Center, Beckley, W.Va.

  • Ronda Albright - “Rose”

  • Ronda Albright - “Surf at Black Sand Beach”

  • Brenda Beatty - “Boys at a Bar”

  • Louise Braddock - “The Red Chair Beauty Salon”

  • Jeanne Brenneman - “Jar Assortments”

  • Karen Brown - “Jars, Jars”

  • Karen Brown - “An Apple a Day”

  • JoAnne Byron - “Nostalgia”

  • F. Dennis Clarke - “Boat at Boothbay”

  • F. Dennis Clarke - “Boats at Beaufort, SC”

  • Gayle Cooley - “Palmetto Bay Spirits”

  • Gayle Cooley - “Mystery Walk”

  • Katherine Crim - “Simplicity”

  • Katherine Crim - “Six Green Turtles in the Deep Blue”

  • Barbara Daniel - “Waiting For Polly”

  • Linda Elmer - “Walking Among Ancients”

  • Barbara Hale - “Impressions of NY”

  • Janet Hart - “West Virgina Goat”

  • Mary Anne Hodson - “Meeting Old Friends”

  • Mary Anne Hodson - “In the Deep Blue”

  • JoAnne Jacobs - “Waiting in the Shadows”

  • Sharon Johnson - “Trillium”

  • Sidra Kaluszka - “Dew Drops”

  • Sidra Kaluszka - “Two Kami”

  • Deborah Lester - “WV Blacksmiths”

  • Deborah Lester - “Pink Peonies”

  • Marietta Lyall - “Haunted”

  • Marietta Lyall - “On a Cold Winter's Day”

  • Judy Mattson Reed - “Across the Trail”

  • Judy Mattson Reed - “Historic Big Elm”

  • Diane Mitchell - “Sunflowers in the Wind”

  • Diane Mitchell - “Tired Puppy”

  • Sally Mook - “Chipmunk”

  • Sally Mook - “Vigil”

  • Sandra Pealer - “Landline”

  • Julie Read - “Retirement Home”

  • Julie Read - “New York Cityscape”

  • Martha Reynolds - “Sun Sparkles”

  • Christine Rhodes - “Joseph's Coat”

  • Dorrie Rifkin - “Jimmy's Corner”

  • Pat Roberts - “Another World”

  • Janet Rodriguez - “White Pots with Hydrangea”

  • Howard Rogers - “Big Chimney House”

  • Jeannine Romano - “Lend a Hand”

  • Jeannine Romano - “Still Life Pairs”

  • Janet Sheehan - “Relics”

  • Monica Wilkins - “Watercress at the Pond”

Aqueous 2015 National Juried Exhibition

Peggi Habets, Juror
July 2, 2015 – Aug. 21, 2015
Stifel Fine Arts Center, Wheeling, W.Va.

  • Ronda B. Albright, "Fresh Veggies and Pottery"

  • Ronda B. Albright, "Spring Bouquets in Sunlight"

  • Brenda Beatty, "Spring Time"

  • Louise Braddock "Efferevescence"

  • Jeanne Brenneman, "Many Miles Traveled"

  • Nancy Brown, "Market Day"

  • Nancy Brown, "Rush Hour"

  • Todd W.Butt, "Harmoniously Silent"

  • Todd W. Butt, "Polar Stare"

  • Joann Byron, "Afternoon Stroll in the Winter #1"

  • Joann Byron, "After a Stroll in the Winter #2"

  • Dennis Clarke, "Low Tide at Boothvay"

  • Dennis Clarke, "Menemsha Dock"

  • Kristen Colebank, "Ivy League"

  • Kristen Colebank, "Turn of Fortune"

  • Katherine M. Crim, "Blue Skies Smilin' "

  • Linda Elmer, "Right Sweep"

  • Deanna Gillum, "Psalm 23"

  • Janet Hart, "Turbine"

  • Linda Holz, "Indian Icon"

  • Michael R. Jacques, "Winter in Blawnox"

  • Michael R. Jacques, "Aurora Motel #2"

  • Greg Kullman, "North Fork Barn"

  • Jake Marshall, "Still Life with Apple"

  • Jake Marshall, "Waterlilies and Koi"

  • Rita Montrosse, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"

  • Sandra Pealer, "Morning Conversation"

  • William Perry, "After the Rain"

  • Judy Reed, "The Boys Behind the Barn"

  • Christine Rhodes, "All Fall Down"

  • Christine Rhodes, "Waiting"

  • Janet Rodriguez, "French Olive Grove"

  • Janet Rodriguez, "White Blooms"

  • Jeannine Romano, "Itsa Your Move!"

  • Janet Sheehan, "A Good Day Fishing"

  • Connie Stover, "Conch Shell"

  • Linda J.C. Turner, "Defending the Bridge"

  • Patrick Varriano, "Rust Never Sleeps II"

  • Patrick Varriano, "Scribbling Rivalry"

  • April Waltz, "Heart Flip Shades"

  • April Waltz, "Oh Man!"

  • Rema White "Caylee"

  • Monica Wilkins, "In the Rough"

Aqueous 2014 National Juried Exhibition

Sue Pollins, Juror
May 8, 2014 – May 29, 2014
Wheeling Artisan Center, Wheeling, W.Va.

  • "Alley Surprise - Hollyhocks," Ronda Albright, Martinsburg

  • "The Artiste," Laura Andreini, Wheeling

  • "Stephen," Brenda Beatty, St. Albans

  • "Wild Flowers Orange," Mary Alice Bowers, Martinsburg

  • "Wild Flowers Blue II," Mary Alice Bowers, Martinsburg

  • "Sycamore Fantasy," Louise Braddock, West Union

  • "Heirloom," Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg

  • "Hot Stuff," Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg

  • “The Robin Snow,” Karen Ensor Brown, Buckhannon

  • “Fly Fishing at Bowden,” Karen Ensor Brown, Buckhannon

  • “Passing By,” Nancy Brown, Baltimore, Md.

  • "Pear Day," Adrienne Davis, Highland, Md.

  • "Summer Squall," Adrienne Davis, Highland, Md.

  • "4:00 Rain," Linda Elmer, Fairmont

  • “Mt. Laurel,” Deanna Gillum, Buckhannon

  • “After Image,” Deanna Gillum, Buckhannon

  • "Jingle Dancer," Laurie Goldstein-Warren, Buckhannon

  • "Smooth Sounds," Laurie Goldstein-Warren, Buckhannon

  • "Hot, Hot, Hot," Nancy Kautz, Harpers Ferry

  • "Joe," Li Dongfeng, Morehead, Ky.

  • "Healing Rain," Li Dongfeng, Morehead, Ky.

  • "Sassafras on the Ridge," Sandy McIntire, Mount Hope

  • "Piebald Buck," Diane Mitchell, Clintonville

  • "Urban Intersection," Rita Montrosse, Princeton

  • "Cherries and Crystal," Justine Mounts, Hanover

  • "Fall Harvest," Justine Mounts, Hanover

  • "Mother & Daughter," Sandra Pealer, Rangeley, Maine

  • "Basket of Oranges," Donna Perkins, Pasadena, Md.

  • "Laundry Day," Donna Perkins, Pasadena, Md.

  • “Altered Reflection,” Martha Reynolds, West Union

  • “Matamorphic Formation,” Martha Reynolds, West Union

  • “Vespers,” Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg

  • "Muir Woods," Janet Rodriquez, Wheeling

  • "Negotiations,” Jeannine Romano, Lost Creek

  • "Homegrown Sunflowers," Debbie Kalt Sisson, Ripley

  • "Goat Herd III," Linda J.C. Turner, Jane Lew

  • "Ohio Valley," April Waltz, Wheeling

  • "3D Shades," April Waltz, Wheeling

  • "Mischief," Rema White, Jane Lew

  • “Eastern Panhandle #1,” Monica Wilkins, Shepherdstown

  • "Beneath the Dome," Kay Wilson, Anderson, Ind.

Aqueous 2013 National Juried Exhibition

Jennifer Yerdon LeJeune, Juror
July 12, 2013 - August 3, 2013
Monongalia Arts Center, Morgantown, W.Va.

  • "Fresh Cuts - Ikebana," Mary Alice Bowers, Martinsburg

  • "The Back Porch," Louise Braddock, West Union

  • “Peggy's Iris,” Karen Ensor Brown, Buckhannon

  • “Chinatown Market,” Nancy Brown, Baltimore, Md.

  • “Shrimpers,” Nancy Brown, Baltimore, Md.

  • “Courthouse Charles Town, WV,” Andrea Burke, Martinsburg

  • "After the Rain," JoAnn Byron, Beckley

  • "It's Not Easy Being Green!," Katherine Crim, Clarksburg

  • “Fallen Symbols,” Toni Elkins, Columbia, S.C.

  • "Streaming," Linda Elmer, Fairmont

  • “On Stoney Run,” Deanna Gillum, Buckhannon

  • "Hide and Seek," Sharon Harms, Charleston

  • “Meditation on a Latte',” Catherine Hillis, Round Hill, Va.

  • "Floral Explosion," Mary Anne Hodson, Beckley

  • "Emergence," Anna Hogbin, Martinsburg

  • “No Way Norway,” Charlotte Huntley, Lafayette, Calif.

  • “Rustic Morning II,” Debbie Lester, Shady Spring

  • "Wild Daisies," Diane Mitchell, Clintonville

  • "While Waiting for Carol," Claudia Moody, Scott Depot

  • "Navajo Dancer Man's Fancy Dance," Justine Mounts, Hanover

  • “Handmade,” Betty Neely, Fairmont

  • “Trapped,” Betty Neely, Fairmont

  • "Sharing the Journey," Sandra Pealer, Rangeley, Maine

  • "Southern Hospitality," Judy Mattson Reed, Salem

  • “Sandstone Cleft,” Martha Reynolds, West Union

  • “One,” Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg

  • "Pear Shaped 2,” Jeannine Romano, Lost Creek

  • “Church Ladies,” Kathleen Stumpfel, Baltimore, Md.

  • "Supperstrings," April Waltz, Wheeling

  • “Wave Chase,” Monica Wilkins, Shepherdstown

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