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Aqueous 2022

The 2022 WVWS national juried exhibition, Aqueous 2022, held its opening reception Friday, May 6, 2022, at the Parkersburg Art Center in Parkersburg, W.Va.. At the reception, awards where announced, with Rita Montrosse earning Best of Show for "Among the Rubble."

The 2022 juror for the exhibition was Laurie Goldstein-Warren, AWS, TWSA. To see Laurie's work, please visit her website at

About the Juror

Laurie Goldstein-Warren explored creativity through many avenues over the years. She was trained in ballet, tap, and jazz dancing, and later opened a salon in New York where she explored hair styling, taking part in many competitions in fantasy hair design. After moving to the rural countryside in West Virginia, she refocused on a childhood love of creating art and subsequently studied watercolor with many teachers and mentors. She is now a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and Transparent Watercolor Society, as well as many other prestigious watercolor societies and organizations. Her work has been exhibited across the U.S., as well as Canada, China, and Japan, and she teaches workshops and judges watercolor competitions nationally.  You can visit her website at

Aqueous 2022 Prospectus

For reference, the Aqeuous 2022 prospectus is linked here as a resource.

Aqueous 2022 Award Winners

Use the arrows at right and left to scroll through the winners.

Aqueous 2022 Online Exhibition

Click on the cropped images below to open them full size and uncropped.

Aqueous 2022 National Juried Exhibition

Laurie Goldstein-Warren, AWS, Juror
May 8 to June
4, 2022
Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg
  • Bess Alexander, Westerville, Ohio, “Florida Foliage”

  • Bess Alexander, Westerville, Ohio, “Jen's Choice”

  • Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg, "See the Light, Be the Light"

  • Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg, “It's a New Day”

  • Karen Ensor Brown, Buckhannon, “Food Chain”

  • William Campbell, Midlothian, Va., “Mattaponi”

  • William Campbell, Midlothian, Va., “School Days”

  • Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg, “Hillside”

  • Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg, “I Was Here”

  • John Coffey, Princeton, “Tool House Door”

  • Kristen Colebank, Wardensville, “Waiting”

  • Katherine Crim, Clarksburg, "Scenic Route, Babcock"

  • Dierdre Duncan, Rivesville, “Stone Spirit”

  • Linda Elmer, Fairmont, “Spanish Rooftops”

  • Linda Elmer, Fairmont, “Williams River II”

  • George Gow, Louisville, Ky., “Balancing Degrees of Abstraction”

  • Janet Hart, Wheeling, “Crafty Bird”

  • Janet Hart, Wheeling, “Kitchen Chicken”

  • Rick Kowalewski, Silver Spring, Md., “At Dusk Gathers the Last Light”

  • Greg Kullman, Morgantown, “River of Coal”

  • Pamela Lake, Hacker Valley, “Sew Fun”

  • Deborah Lester, Shady Spring, “Waterfalls”

  • Jamie Lester, Morgantown, “Cheat River Haze”

  • Jamie Lester, Morgantown, “Pools of the Big Sandy”

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown, “Undersea View”

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown, “Spring Thaw”

  • Nancy Maunz, Clarksburg, “Approaching Rain”

  • Rita Montrosse, Princeton, “Among the Rubble”

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, Maine, “Mineral County Sheep Farm”

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, Maine, “Days End”

  • Donna Perkins, Pasadena, Md., “You Gotta Wash Radishes”

  • Julie Read, Winchester, Va., “King of the Road”

  • Julie Read, Winchester, Va., “Looking Up”

  • Judy Reed, Shinnston, “The Survivor”

  • Judy Reed, Shinnston, “A Past Glory”

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg, “Stay the Course”

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg, “River of Dreams”

  • Howard Rogers, St. Albans, “Beautiful Bird”

  • Jeannine Romano, Bridgeport, “Social Distance”

  • Kathleen Snoderly, Morgantown, “Reflections”

  • Patricia Stine, Renick, “Glenn's Cream Puffs”

  • Lavonne Suwalski, Westerville, OH, “Village Road”

  • Jan van Egmond, Charleston, Girl with the Red Bow”

  • Jan van Egmond, Charleston, “Girl with the Blue Hat”

  • Rema White, Jane Lew, “Sunrise”

  • Becky Williams, Buckhannon, “Seth's Eternal Spirit”

  • Becky Williams, Buckhannon, “Bedford Afternoon”

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