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Aqueous 2021

The West Virginia Watercolor Society's National Juried Exhibition, Aqueous 2021, was held at Stifel Fine Arts Center, 1330 National Road, Wheeling, from July 15 - September 4.Juror for Aqueous 2021 was Bill Vrscak, AWS.

The exhibition's opening reception and awards presentation was held on July 15, 2021, from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

About the Juror

Bill Vrscak is a free-lance artist/illustrator and signature member of the American Watercolor Society. He is a realist painter whose work reflects a strong sense of freshness and simplicity, consistent with his attitude that “the simplest statements make the most impact”. A frequent national award winner, his work is widely published. Bill studied painting and design at the Ivy School of Art in Pittsburgh. After 18 years in the advertising business, he went his own way to paint and teach. Besides doing illustration and commission work, he currently teaches workshops and seminars throughout the United States as well as Canada. You can visit his website at:

Aqueous 2021 Award Winners

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Judge's Comments

Of all the activities involved with being an artist serving as a juror is the one that carries the heaviest responsibility with it. Although it can be an arduous task I rarely turn it down because it’s such an honor and a privilege to be asked.


My procedure: When working at home I take the time to run through the entire show several times to get a general idea of the overall level of expressive intensity. Then I will begin studying each image individually looking for those aesthetic qualities that raise it above the level of just being a picture. Interesting concepts, originality, unpredictability. Something that stops me and makes me want to go back and look again. Then the design and composition. How well has the artist organized the visual elements in order to make a strong, clear statement. And technique. How confidently has the artist used the medium to reinforce that intended visual statement. It's a process that takes viewing these images over several days. I want to give each entry the careful, thoughtful consideration the artist deserves.


In judging awards, a level of subjectivity will invariably enter the process. Paintings that speak to me beyond the requirements of good design and technique that those paintings already exhibit. There were more of those than can be covered by awards alone.


My congratulations to all of the exhibiting artists and a heartfelt thanks to Linda Elmer and the West Virginia Watercolor Society for allowing me the honor of serving as your Juror. I am proud to have been part of it.

Bill Vrscak, AWS

Aqueous 2021 Online Exhibition

Click on the images below to open them full size.

Aqueous 2021 National Juried Exhibition

Bill Vrscak, AWS, Juror
July 15, 2021 - Sept. 4, 2021
Stifel Fine Arts Center, Wheeling

  • Donna Barlup, Mechanicsburg, PA - Taking a Break

  • Donna Barlup, Mechanicsburg, PA - An Aperitif with a Friend

  • Jeanne Brenneman, Lewisburg - When the Day Comes

  • Karen Brown, Buckhannon - Lunch

  • Karen Brown, Buckhannon - Who? What? Where?

  • Marshall Carolus, Alexandria, VA - Concentration

  • Karen Catlett, Glen Dale - Memories in Watercolor

  • Dennis Clarke, Martinsburg - Middle Ground

  • Connie Clutter, Washington, PA - Solitude

  • John Coffey, Princeton - Late December

  • Karen Cohen, Frankford - Old Friends

  • Katherine Crim, Clarksburg - Summer Solace

  • Linda Elmer, Fairmont - Valley Falls Through the Trees

  • Deanna Gillum, Buckhannon - Night Crop

  • George Gow, Richmond, KY - A Bird's Concept of the Landscape

  • Nishita Jain, Columbia, MD - Welcoming Winter

  • Nishita Jain, Columbia, MD - Winter Blues

  • Ardythe Jolliff, Edgewater, MD - Sea Sculptures in Glass

  • Gina Judy, Richmond, OH - Maggie and Max Making Tracks

  • Nancy Kautz, Harpers Ferry - Aspen's Embrace

  • William Koch, Dennison, OH - A Mid-Night's Stroll

  • Rick Kowalewski, Silver Spring - MD, Mystic Draw

  • Chris Krupinski, Maineville - OH, Blue and Gold

  • Chris Krupinski, Maineville - OH, November - Early Evening

  • Brooklyn Lilly, Princeton - A Long Day's Work

  • Anni Matsick, Boalsburg, PA - Welcome In

  • Anni Matsick, Boalsburg, PA - Out There

  • Jane C. Michael, Morgantown - The Factory Worker - Morning Break

  • Karen Norman, Silver Spring, MD - Pointers

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, ME - Moonlit Lake

  • Sandra Pealer, South Paris, ME - Frosty Morning

  • Sue Pitsch, Stephens City, VA - Golden Morning

  • Lisa Rasmussen, Pittsburgh, PA - Singin' the Blues

  • Julie Read, Winchester, VA - A Jumble of Destruction

  • Christine Rhodes, Parkersburg - Earth Mother

  • Janet Rodriguez, Wheeling - Sunflowers III

  • Renee Rotundo, Maineville, OH - Card Night

  • Kathleen Snoderly, Morgantown - Pensive in Muskoka

  • Patricia Stine, Renick - Fiddlin'

  • Patricia Stine, Renick - Gotcha

  • Jyotsna Umesh, Chantilly, VA - The Peaceful Mountains

  • Jan van Egmond, Charleston - Sloan

  • Becky Williams, Buckhannon - A Mother's Love

  • Voon Wong, Sioux Falls, SD - The Storekeepers

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