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Jury for Status

WVWS Associate and Juried members are invited to apply for either Juried or Signature status in the society. Applications for a change in status open annually for a few months each year.


The next opportunity to apply will be in late spring or early summer 2024.

But first, a refresher on WVWS member classifications:

WVWS Membership Classifications

The West Virginia Watercolor Society has four classifications of membership in addition to Charter and Honorary Membership.

Associate Members:

All individuals wishing to be associated with the West Virginia Watercolor Society who have applied for Associate membership and been accepted into the Society through payment of dues. Associate Members are entitled to receive all of the WVWS general membership communications, including the Newsletter, and may take part in all WVWS sponsored activities such as workshops and exhibits. Associate members may vote, serve on committees, and be elected to office in the Society.

Juried Members:

Members who have been granted the privilege of Juried Status by the Society’s Membership. To earn Juried Membership status, an Associate Member must submit six painting images for review by the Jury Committee. Candidates selected for Juried Membership consideration may be requested to submit three or more original works for final admission judging if a determination cannot be finalized after the initial Jury review. Juried Membership status becomes official upon notification of acceptance by the Jury from the committee chairman.

Signature Members:

Juried members who have been granted the privilege of using the West Virginia Watercolor Society Initials (WVWS) in conjunction with their signatures by the Jury Committee after completing requirements as set forth in the By-laws. These include submitting four paintings for review by the Jury Committee that have not previously been shown in WVWS exhibitions, as well as providing documentation that the juried member has had work accepted in two juried WVWS shows [WVWS now calls its juried shows "Aqueous" exhibitions} within the last six years. Signature Status may also be granted to any watercolor artist who is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, or whose work has been accepted in any AWS, NWS, or Watercolor USA exhibit.

Patron Members:

Those individuals whose financial contribution to the Society, for awards or other purposes meant to further the objectives of the Society as defined by the Executive Board, equals or exceeds one hundred dollars ($100) in any calendar year. Patron Members receive the WVWS Newsletter and membership list.

2023 Jury Application is closed.

2024 Jury for Membership Status Application
will reopen in late spring 2024.

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